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Understanding Stress Management

Many of us experience stress. It is a common reaction to the difficulties of life. In fact, as with anger, some amount of stress is part and parcel or a healthy mind. In some cases, however, stress can become too much to manage, preventing someone from enjoying a quality of life or even doing daily tasks.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most common and successful interventions for managing stress.

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Compassion This Valentine’s Season

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it’s incomplete.” -Buddha

When you think of the word self-compassion, what comes up for you?

If you are like many people, you might struggle with being gentle with yourself. …

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

As your treatment continues, therapy should help you figure out the situations, thoughts, or feelings that cause your attacks. Once you understand what’s happening, those triggers have less power to cause trouble.
You’ll also learn relaxation techniques that can help you handle attacks when they do happen. If you can control your breathing, for instance, that may make a panic attack less severe. It might also make the next one less likely. You have to practice these skills regularly in your daily life to get the benefit.

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

Meet Genevieve:

Genevieve May, LCSW

Genevieve is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a clinician at Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive. She is passionate about working with adults, teens and families with issues such as obsessions/compulsions, anxiety, grief & loss, chronic health conditions, LGBTQIA+ issues and spiritual trauma. She is also a proud provider of assessment and referral services for clients seeking Gender Confirmation Surgery or Hormone Replacement Therapy for ages 18+. She believes in a compassionate, mindful approach to therapy.

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

Trauma therapy is just that — a form of talk therapy aimed at treating the emotional and mental health consequences of trauma. In clinical terms, a traumatic event is one in which a person’s life was threatened, or they witnessed another person’s life being threatened. Experiencing the death of another person can also trigger trauma-related problems for vulnerable individuals. It is unclear how and why people react to trauma differently. A combination of genetics, temperament, and repeated exposure to traumatic events can all play a role.

Welcome To Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

Psychotherapy is often the first form of treatment recommended for depression. Called “therapy” for short, the word psychotherapy actually involves a variety of treatment techniques. During psychotherapy, a person with depression talks to a licensed and trained mental healthcare professional who helps the person identify and work through the factors that may be triggering the depression.

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

At Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling, we believe in a mind-body-spirit approach to therapy.

Your home for holistic and compassionate counseling for individual, teens, couples + families in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

Replace Your Negative Thoughts with a Sense of Peace and Empowerment

If anxiety has lowered your self-esteem or caused you to feel overwhelmed with stress, holistic treatment at Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling can reharmonize your mind, body, and spirit. To find out more about how we can help, contact our team today. Our Client Care Coordinator will reach out to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation to learn more about you and your needs.

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

Just as adults benefit from various types of psychotherapy, teens often need support and guidance from a therapist as well. It’s important to normalize therapy and to reassure your teenager that speaking with a therapist is healthy and normal.

Psychotherapy helps teenagers in many ways: receiving emotional support, conflict resolution, better understanding their feelings and struggles, and trying out new solutions to old problems. Therapists can help teens develop problem solving skills, deal with behavioral issues and learn to express themselves in a healthy, safe way.

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

The phrase “family therapy” implies that the members of a family seek counseling together as a group.

Though it helps if everyone in the family participates, family therapy doesn’t necessarily mean that your whole family must be involved.

It means that the therapy focuses on family interactions and dynamics.

Family therapy is generally short-term and focuses on specific goals. It explores the patterns, conflicts, and ways of communicating in your family system.

Welcome to Be Your Best Self & Thrive Counseling

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